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Moveset Edit

Ground attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral attack
Down tilt
Down smash
Forward tilt
Forward smash
Up tilt
Up smash
Dash attack

Aerial attack Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial

Grab and throw Edit

Attack Description Damage
Grab N/A
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw

Other attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack
Trip attack
Ledge attack

Special moves Edit

Attack Name Description
Standard special Waluigi Gets Soup Waluigi will take a sip from a bowl of turtle soup and toss it while saying "Waluigi hates this!" This attack can be charged, which increases it's damage and range. On rare occasions, Waluigi will take a sip from a French Onion Soup, which he enjoys. What's the difference? Well, since Waluigi likes the soup, it will heal him. But in order to heal Waluigi, you have to charge the attack. If you do this attack next to an item, you can pick up the item and throw it. If you do this attack next to a healing food, the food will heal you, but it won't disappear.
Side special Waluijafar Waluijafar will use a beam that will hypnotize opponents. From here you can do one of five things:
  • Press A to hit the opponent with your staff (no cooldown)
  • Press B to reverse your enemies' controls for 5 seconds (4 second cooldown)
  • Press X or Y to shock your opponent (6 second cooldown)
  • Press R or L to poison them (8 second cooldown)
  • Or press Z to Waluigify them, which turns them into Waluigi and nullifys all of their actions for 5 seconds (10 second cooldown)
Up special Waluigi Surfin' A UFO will appear and Waluigi will ride upwards on it. Seems simple enough, right? WRONG. If you press B while your riding the UFO, the UFO will turn into a Waluigi, and Waluigi will ride on a Waluigi on a Waluigified wave. (SO MANY WALUIGIS) You can even reflect projectiles (like Jade's bullets) by Waluigifying them. However, this does not protect you from melee attacks.
Down special Teaching Art Waluigi will place a canvas onto the battlefield and say "Let's see your art." The canvas can be thrown and picked Waluigi only. If you press Down B while a canvas is out, Waluigi will teleport to that canvas and destroy it. But projectiles (like 60's Spiderman's webs) can also destroy the canvas. If an opponent comes into contact with the canvas, they will have to show their artistic talent. The amount of time the character will spend drawing is based on their IQ. The bigger the IQ a character has, the more time they spend drawing.
Final Smash 16 Extremely Traumatic Seconds Um....I don' do I explain this attack? Guess I'll try my hardest. First, if there are any assist characters on the battlefield, the Phillips Box will appear and suck them in, making them disappear. The next part? I guess I'll tell you, but don't say I didn't warn you. Next, Waluigi turns into a......THING. (Nobody really knows what it is.) If someone tries to attack Waluigi in his radius, Waluigi will not take any damage, and the damage will be transferred to the attacker instead. And if you try to move, you'll most likely trip. But if you dare to touch Waluigi, you'll be KO'd right on the spot. If nobody touches Waluigi, then the attack lasts 16 (very traumatic) seconds.

Misc. Edit

Misc. Description
On-Screen Appearance
Taunts Up "Purple is a color."
Side "Too bad! WALUIGI TIME!"
Idle poses
Victory theme
Victory pose 1 *Waluigi does a silly dance*
2 "Saving the world, winning the girl (WAA)"
3 "Sometimes Waluigi thinks. He thinks about the most important things in life." (And if you stay on the results screen for 151 seconds) ".....WAAAAAAAAA-"
Lose pose *Waluigi stares at the winner angrily*

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