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Moveset Edit

Ground attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral attack
Down tilt
Down smash
Forward tilt
Forward smash
Up tilt
Up smash
Dash attack

Aerial attack Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial

Grab and throw Edit

Attack Description Damage
Grab N/A
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw

Other attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack
Trip attack
Ledge attack

Special moves Edit

Attack Name Description
Standard special Magic Wand This attack will cycle through 7 different spells, each with their own color on the wand.
  • Red: "Jellybean Hallucination Mist!" This attack will stun the opponent in front of Star. There is 1/5 chance that the jellybeans from this attack will become a healing food.
  • Orange: "I LOVE PUPPIES!" This attack will summon a puppy that will roam around the stage and shoot lasers from it's eyes. The puppy can also be picked up and be used as a gun.
  • Yellow: "Syrup Tsunami Shockwave!" This attack will summon a tsunami of maple syrup (as the name implies) that will trap any opponents that come in contact with it. However, it does not deal any damage.
  • Green: "Emerald Snake Strike!" (insert Samuel L. Jackson joke here) This attack will summon snakes that are sent flying in the direction Star is facing. If an opponent is hit by the attack, they will be trapped and the snakes will deal constant damage. You can use a taunt or strong attack to get rid of the snakes.
  • Cyan: "Narwhal Blast!" This attack summons a narwhal that is sent flying in the direction Star is facing. (much like the snakes.) Any opponent that comes in contact with the narwhal will get hit and receive damage.
  • Blue: "Easy Peasy Time Freezy!" This attack is basically a nerfed version of Captain N's Final Smash. The attack will stop the opponent in front of Star in their tracks, and will not be able to do anything until the spell is removed.
  • Purple: "Releasio Demonius Infestica!" Any opponents hit by this attack will have an arm replaced by a tentacle. The tentacle not only makes you heavier, but cancels moves that use that arm as well.

And yes, you can run out of spells.

Side special Summon Cloudy Charm Star will summon Cloudy, which is one of her spells. (OBVIOUSLY) If an opponent touches Cloudy, they will be shocked. You can jump onto Cloudy to ride him. Although you can not fly, you will fall very slowly, and you can press B to make Cloudy rain, which causes damage to opponents below him. Press Side B again in order to make Cloudy disappear.
Up special Taste the Rainbow!/Bunny Rabbit Blast! (without colors) Star will shoot a rainbow that shoots her upwards, leaving a trace of the rainbow. You can change the direction Star goes in by using the left stick. Star can also use the rainbow as a platform, but after she leaves it, the rainbow disappears. If an opponent touches the rainbow, they will receive damage. Once again, 1 touch and the rainbow disappears. Only one rainbow can be on the stage at a time. Without colors, Up B is replaced with Bunny Rabbit Blast, which is just a basic recovery move.
Down special Wand Recharger This attack will let you regain your spells from the wand. Every second you charge it, a spell will be regiven to you. But that's not all. If you charge this attack when you have all your spells for a few seconds, Star's Neutral B will be replaced with a giant laser. However, all your spells will be drained after that, so use this attack wisely.
Final Smash Mewberty Star will emerge from her heart chrysalis in her Mewberty form. While in this form, Star can fly in all directions and shoot butterfly web. Although girls (like Jade Harley and Yzma) only receive damage, boys (like John Di Micco and Dipper Pines) can be grabbed and thrown. After the Final Smash ends, Star will get her Mewberty wings. This allows her to float after jumping. (Similar to Princess Peach) She will keep these wings until she is KO'd.

Misc. Edit

Misc. Description
On-Screen Appearance
Taunts Up *dresses up in Marco's clothing and does a silly jig* "Hey, I'm Marco!"
Side *listens to Marco's "ironic" ringtone*
Down *replaces her horns with cacti, which can be turned back into horns by pressing Down Taunt again*
Idle poses
Victory theme The last part of the Star Vs. the Forces of Evil theme song
Victory pose 1 "Hug!" *hugs Marco*
2 *does a victory dance with Pony Head*
3 (only while wearing the cactus tiara) "Ah, cacti for the win!"
Lose pose *lays on the ground, upset*

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