Moveset Edit

Ground attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral attack
Down tilt
Down smash
Forward tilt
Forward smash
Up tilt
Up smash
Dash attack

Aerial attack Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial

Grab and throw Edit

Attack Description Damage
Grab N/A
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw

Other attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack
Trip attack
Ledge attack

Special moves Edit

Attack Name Description
Standard special Gun-terrogatory Samuel takes his pistol out and points it. While Samuel has his pistol out, you can press B to shoot bullets from it. If Samuel is next to an opponent while when he takes out his pistol, the opponent will be forced to sit on a chair. While on the chair the opponent can not move, and when Samuel fires his pistol, opponents will take twice the regular amount of damage. The opponent will be freed from the chair after Samuel attacks them. However, if another opponent tries to attack the person who is on the chair, then the attacker will take that persons place. This will not happen if the person on the chair gets attacked by a projectile however. Samuel's taunts change when a person is on the chair, and they actually deal damage to opponents.
Side special Jugs Problem
Up special Sharks on a Submarine
Down special The Magic Word
Final Smash Snakes on a Plane (Yep, you knew it was coming.) Samuel shouts "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf**king snakes, on this motherf**king plane!" While this is happening, snakes will fall onto the stage, dealing damage with anyone who comes in contact with them. After all the snakes have stopped falling, Samuel will say "Everybody strap in! I'm about to open some f**king windows." Samuel will then take out his pistol, and shoot open a window that is in the middle of the stage. Now would be a good time to get away from the center. The window will open and will pull opponents to it. If an opponent is sucked out the window, they will be instantly KOd.

Misc. Edit

Misc. Description
On-Screen Appearance
Idle poses
Victory theme
Victory pose 1 "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger!"
2 "All praises to the Playstation! Yeah!"
Lose pose *Samuel's decapitated arm lays on the battlefield*


All of Samuel L. Jackson's taunts have a short stunning effect, but they do not deal any damage.