Perry The Platypus
Perry SBLN Intro

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Special Moves Edit

Neutral B: Grappling Hook Edit

Perry takes his grappling hook and shoots its hook. While you can't aim with this hook, Perry can do different stuff with it, and the longer you hold down B, the longer the hook will go. You can grab enemies with the hook, and once you do, you can do two different things. You can release the button to attract the opponent, but if you move in the direction you're facing when releasing the button, Perry will instead launch himself towards the opponent and kick him/her. You can also grab ledges and items.

Side B: Platypus Acrobacy Edit

Perry does a small leap forwards. Depending of what you land on, you do different things. If you land on an opponent, you'll bump their head and do a second leap. If you land on a trap/item, Perry will grab it, unless it's a mechanical trap/item. In that case, Perry will place a Self-Destruct Button on it. If you do this on an item that already have one, Perry will activate it and won't recieve damage by the explosion. You can also use this move as a dodge if you time it correctly.

Up B: Jetpack Edit

Perry takes his Jetpack and boosts upwards. You can charge up this move by holding down B, the longer you charge, the longer you'll fly. This Jetpack, however, can only move in straight lines. While Perry's Jetpack deals no damage, he can do an attack with it. If you are close to someone while releasing the charge, Perry will grab them and when his flight is over, throw them in the direction he's facing.

Down B: Secret Identity Edit

Perry takes off his hat and acts like a regular Platypus. As “They don't do much”, all of Perry's actions besides moving back and forth have been replaced by making a Platypus noise. However, Perry is immune to knockback (except for moves that can only deal knockback) and will cause tripping if you touch him. This form will end up after 10 seconds and you'll have to wait the same amount of time to use it again.

Final Smash: Queen Elizabeth Robot Edit

Perry jumps off the stage and comes back piloting the Queen Elizabeth Robot. Perry will stay on one of the sides of the stage and has 2 attacks. By pressing A, the Queen will punch the stage, causing a small earthquake. By pressing B, the Queen will shoot a laser beam, which you can aim it by using a target that you can move with the Stick. After a few seconds, the Final Smash ends, but the Queen will stay for a while as a platform before it disappears.

Taunts Edit

  • Up Taunt: *does some martial arts poses*
  • Side Taunt: *stretch his arm, bends his knees and does a menacing pose*
  • Down Taunt: *platypus noise*