Special Attacks Edit

Neutral B - Sylladex Edit

Jade gets out a card and Captchalogues anything in front of her. You can store traps, items, and physical projectiles. You can then throw the card like a standard item. If the card hits something, it'll release what it had inside. If you draw something with a card in your hand, Jade Captchalogues that item inside another card. After that, a card appears at her player display window. You can use that card once you toss away the one you carry. You can have up to 3 cards + the one you hold, so Captchalogue anything else, and all your cards are sent flying. If you draw and nothing's in front of you, you get an empty card, serving as a very weak projectile.

Side B - Arsenalize Edit

Jade gets out a rifle and fires. While holding B, you can aim with the crosshairs. Release to fire. Aim at the head of someone, and Jade shoots a slow but powerful bullet that is able to break shields. Jade still shoots her rifle if she's hit, but the bullet shot will have limited range unlike your standard bullets.

Up B - Iron Lass Dress Edit

Jade bestows the Iron Lass suit and directly begins flight when on the ground, otherwise she stays floating for a bit before you choose a direction. You can boost twice before your armor breaks. The pieces of armor are the weaker equivalent of Samus' armor pieces. The pieces go away when you use this move again. Also in midair, pressing B shoots lasers.

Down B - Dreambot Edit

Jade switches over to her Dreambot, which has HP that is measured by Jade's damage. The Dreambot's like the heavier and stronger Jade, minus the special attacks. Instead of a double jump, it hovers like R.O.B. Reinput or destruction of the Dreambot awakens Jade, leaving her with the damage she started with. Jade can still be hit a tossed around while she's asleep, but if this happens, the Dreambot takes her place. Unless you stop controlling it manually, the Dreambot can only be used once per stock.

Final Smash - The Witch of Space Edit


Jade becomes her Dog Tier form: The Witch of Space. After framing the display, everyone's teleported, harmed, and shrunken down, unable to move until they hit land.


KOSFX1: "Oh no!"

KOSFX2: "Oh god!"

Star KOSFX: *screams*

Screen KOSFX: "Ugh..."

Taunts Edit

Up: *plays her flute*

Sd: *recieves a bunch of Pesterchum messages*

Dn: *sleeps* (infinite, but cancellable)

Victory Options+Failure/Clap Edit

1. *does a little dance and hugs Bec*

2. *holds her hands together and looks up dreamily as she thinks about things*

3. *dreams up extra hands and plays advanced bass solo*

Failure/Clap: Facepalm