Items Edit

Item Class Universe
Academy Award Actor N/A
Aggressive Pizza N/A
Airhorn N/A
Assist Trophy Helping Super Smash Bros. Smash symbol
Bat-Pipe Batman
Capsule Container Super Smash Bros. Smash symbol
Coconut Gun Donkey Kong DK symbol
Crank Chop Slap Chop
Electric Cheeseburger Captain N: The Game Master
Genesis Cannon The John Show
Gideon's Amulet Gravity Falls
Golden Raspberry Actor N/A
Google Asker ??? N/A
Grapes Disney Disney
Hand of Midas Disney Disney
Heat Crystal The Legend of Zelda Zelda symbol
Jorgen's Wand The Fairly Odd Parents
Kanaya's Chainsaw Homestuck HomestuckIcom
Knife-Gun Spider-Man
Lawl Food Smash Bros. Lawl
M. Night Shyamatoy Robot Chicken N/A
Magic -ball Brawl in the Family
Mine Turtle asdfmovie
Minivac Star Vs. the Forces of Evil
Orpheus' Guitar Dingo Pictures
Queen Gloves Disney Disney
Remote Bomb The Incredible Machine
Robotic Arm The Big Bang Theory
Root Beer Monkey Island
Self Destruct Button Phineas and Ferb
Smart Sword The Legend of Zelda Zelda symbol
Smash Ball Final Smash Super Smash Bros. Smash symbol