Special Moves Edit

Neutral B - Ice Cream Blade Edit

Dreamcast takes out a large Ice Cream Cone and swings it like aa sword. Doing this move two times consecutively, with the second swing being weaker than the first one. Charge up this move to make Dreamcast dash forwards as she swings the Ice Cream Blade, and even freeze opponents if he charges it to the max. This move has a penalty, which comes in the form of the Ice Cream balls. Using this move makes the ice cream lose balls (1 if you fail, 2 if you land a hit). Not using this move for 10 seconds will give Dreamcast all her balls back (indicated by a short blue flash).

Side B - Virtua Headbutt Edit

Dreamcast leaps into the air and dives down, headbutting. Hitting the floor will leave her open to attacks, but if she lands on an opponent she will deal them plenty of damage, will meteor smash them if they are in the air and will make Dreamcast bounce back up. Holding down the B Button and moving the stick will allow her to aim where does she want to land, but mid jump you are still able to aim her trajectory a bit.

Up B - Always Connected Edit

Dreamcast is abducted by a large Dreamcast controller, which you can now control by moving left or right. Release the button or wait for a while and Dreamcast will be launched upwards. As a way of attacking, you can press B during the ascension to make Dreamcast perform a short spin.

Down B - Changing Booth Edit

Dreamcast creates a cheap-looking changing booth in front of her. If someone contacts it, they will get inside the changing booth, which will start shaking before they are left stunned. Dreamcast can jump into the changing booth after capturing someone to "have fun" with them, dealing a bit of extra damage. Whoever gets inside the changing booth will change to a random costume, which only lasts for 10 seconds and is a mere aesthetic effect. The changing booth can be broken by attacking it with projectiles.

Final Smash - Graduation Edit

Dreamcast's Medal chart appears and gives her 100 medals. This turns Dreamcast into the console she's named after, which can fly freely and shoot laser beams at both right and left at the same time. Dreamcast is also very fast, and can even ram at opponents is she flies fast enough towards them. This Final Smash lasts for 15 seconds.

Taunts Edit

  • Up Taunt: Her medal chart shows a random number of medals.
  • Side Taunt: Dreamcast types on a phone and says "I'll upload it to my blog right away!"
  • Down Taunt: Dreamcast tries to connect to a modem.

Victory Poses and Losage Edit

Only Victory Pose: Dreamcast cheerfully says "I did it!"

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