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Special MovesEdit

Neutral B - Triforce of WisdomEdit

Zelda places the Triforce as a trap. Unlike her father, anyone who touches it takes damage, and it can also absorb projectiles and traps. If the triforce absorbs 5 things, it will explode, releasing everything. The triforce can be thrown like an item. It also explodes after creating another Triforce.

Side B - The ShroudEdit

Zelda drops a green cloak next to her. Anyone who touches it will get trapped under the cloak and paralyzed. The opponent trapped under it will recieve more damage than usual. To get rid of it, you just simply move back and forth. It serves as a good move because you can troll the opponents who are in mid air, paralyzing them.

Up B - FluteEdit

Zelda plays her flute, which stuns any opponent in a small radius of her for 1% damage. The opponents that are hit in mid air are paralysed during more time. If it's used in the air, she plays downwards and elevates a little higher up, working as a recovery move.

Down B - Lair's LightEdit

Zelda gets out a lantern and has limited movement while it's out. The lantern itself damages anyone who touces it. It also burns items that opponents throw at her, and they then turn into flame traps. It goes out after a few seconds. During that, you cannot burn opponents, but it can be thrown like an item. You can throw it when the fire's not out as well.

Final Smash - The Wand of GamelonEdit

Zelda takes out The Wand of Gamelon, and quickly chains up her opponents, which gives them 70% damage. The opponents can't move because of the chains, but they can do single jumps, so Zelda can hit her opponents easier. By pressing B, she will use the wand to levitate opponents. Moving the analog stick in a direction while she's levitating an opponent makes her throw him/her in that direction. After few seconds, the chains will dissapear.


Up Taunt: "Really?"

Side Taunt: "Stop looking at yourself!"

Down Taunt: "You've got to be kidding!"


Wreck-It Ralph was going to be playable in Lawl Nova until YTPguy17 announced he was giving him a moveset so he got replaced with CD-I Zelda.


Super Smash Bros Lawl Nova Moveset CD-i Zelda

Super Smash Bros Lawl Nova Moveset CD-i Zelda